Empowering individuals and couples to reclaim their wildness through embodied life coaching: a dynamic, healing process that gives us permission to articulate and manifest our deepest bliss.

Life coaching allows us to rewrite the story, reimagine the narrative that keeps us hidden behind our armor; it reminds us to pause and listen to the still, small voice that resides in our heart; it nudges us to make space – for love and pleasure and connection with ourselves, with others, the divine magic of the universe. From the work that we do, to the relationships we enter into, to the way we navigate our fear or desire…coaching takes us gently (or fiercely) by the hand, urging us to author our own lives.

Beginner’s mind is the only antidote to judgment. Let curiosity lead the way.

“Sacred hungers keep pushing at our edges…
so we can expand into blossoming…”

Dawna Markova