Empowering individuals and couples to reclaim their wildness through embodied life coaching in New York City and beyond.

I am a Cuban-American writer and certified yoga teacher who comes to coaching through an interest in language and somatics (body-based practices). The power of coaching is that it brings us into direct contact with the parts of ourselves we have exiled. It liberates our greatest desires, puts us back on the path of personal truth. It is a process of partnering, naming, holding space, and taking a loving view toward ourselves.

In my coaching practice I intentionally fuse writing, yoga and meditation because, on my own life journey, I have found that these modalities support connection and transformation. Each coaching relationship, however, is designed according to the needs of the client and the particular kind of support they are seeking.

As a young girl I began writing to try and make meaning out of the chaos I grew up in. While there was love in my home, there was also addiction, violence and abuse. There existed, too, deep-seated racism, misogyny and homophobia. Starting from an early age I sought out therapy and twelve-step recovery programs and, to a certain extent, found them helpful. When I found yoga in college, I resonated deeply with the philosophical principles that informed it: non-violence, truthfulness, meditation. And, when I discovered coaching I knew that this was the missing link I had been searching for. In my own life I have experienced how transformative it can be, and have witnessed how much pleasure and courage others derive from this work.

Embodied coaching is a collaborative process informed by the innate body-mind wisdom of both client and practitioner.

The aim of coaching is to connect more deeply with true vision, calling and purpose. We ask empowering questions that bring us into truer and clearer alignment with our highest selves. In a supportive and confidential environment, we engage with our limitless potential. Coaching allows us to explore, play, and access the seemingly impossible both from within and without.

Areas in your life that deepen as a result of partnering with a coach: expression and communication; self-esteem and self-love; intimacy and sexuality; work and purpose; creativity and productivity; intuition and health.

Coaching sessions are typically one hour and can be done by phone, Skype or in person. If you are curious to learn more, contact me for a complimentary strategy call.

“Sherisse Alvarez is a pleasure to work with. From the very beginning she was easy to reach, reliable and very professional. I loved her thoughtful, gentle yet direct approach in observing my thoughts and words. I appreciated how she was able to open my heart and mind to a different thought pattern when needed as well. I learned so much about my self and what I ultimately wanted from my career and even my personal growth. Thank you, Sherisse, for your guidance and patient method!” —Susan S.

“I have worked briefly with Sherisse but the effect has been long lasting. She has a magical way of listening that brings me forward into my most precious self. Working with her is a valuable gift that I treasure for what it does in shifting my orientation toward the possible and, better yet, the impossible too.” —Clare H.

“When I first started working with Sherisse, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety along with a need to have a greater purpose in life, other than my family and work. Sherisse had a very gentle way of pointing out what my strengths are when sometimes all I could see were my weaknesses. I was so unhappy in my career and scared to make a change because I am in my mid-fifties. But, with her support, I was able to embrace the changes and move forward. Our discussions are forever in my memory and her sensitive and insightful coaching will always guide me. Sherisse is extremely perceptive, compassionate and a wonderful copilot to have on your journey.” —Gloria D.